Like a Bull in a China Shop – Full Length Comedy
angry costumier
Sicilian man children
S/M odyssey

Trust in the You of Now – Libretto for Opera by Robert Boston
the frogs and robots
can confuse the astronauts
when they fall in love

Milk Mama Mama Milk – Full Length Dramedy
lil Michael Jackson
breast feeding vegan crisis
road trip with witches

Deactivated – Full Length Sci-Farce Comedy
competing couples in caves
revolution farce

An Estonian Play – Full Length Drama
occupied nation
our new mother wields a knife
romance on the train

Open Up – Full Length Comedy
famous kids on view
Medusa ushers in dark
everybody dies

Baby Plays Banjo – Full Length Comedy
mystery boyfriend
of online correspondence
Bieber conception

Bomb Shelter – Experimental One Act Drama (60 minutes)
older man, young man
cook Meth in Connecticut
hidden past explodes

In Memory – Full Length Experimental Journey
Deon divine one
girl who cannot remember
how she knew Chopin?

Magic 8 Ball – 10 Minute Play
best friends, pajamas
dreams of happily ever
psychic surprises

Penguin House – 10 Minute Play
unrequited love
or a forgone partnership
trapped behind the glass

Mark Mark Mark – Music Video, 3 minutes
underwater brawl
the ones you are in love with
get hit the hardest

Shithead – Experimental Short Film, 10 minutes
girl with a hot dog
straight boy who acts in gay porn
telescope of love

Installation – Experimental Short Film, 8 minutes
male artist female
dead on the side of the road
gallery showing