Trust in the You of Now

    Spectrum and Ouroboros Co. present

    Trust in the You of Now: Part One
    an original chamber opera composed by Robert Boston
    libretto by Kimberly Pau
    directed by Michael Domitrovich

    121 Ludlow St. #2, New York, NY 10002

    Friday, August 29 7PM

    $15 General Admission
    Running Time approximately 45 minutes


    Theater for the New City, Crystal Field, Artistic Director and Ouroboros Co. presented

    Trust in the You of Now: Part One
    an original chamber opera composed by Robert Boston
    libretto by Kimberly Pau
    choreography by Giada Ferrone
    directed by Eric Mercado & Kimberly Pau

    Theater for the New City
    Community Space Theater
    155 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

    Thursday, May 15 8PM
    Friday, May 16 8PM
    Saturday, May 17 8PM
    Sunday, May 18 3PM

    $20 General Admission
    Running Time approximately 45 minutes


    Review by Jonathan Matthews for Eye on Dance and the Arts

    Review by Sergei Burbank on NY Theater Now


    Trust in the You of Now is a three part multi-media chamber opera. It is the story of two future astronauts stuck in a spaceship hovering above an unlivable earth that has been taken over by sentient robots, killing drones and a new post-nuclear species of frogs. It explores the meaning of creation and the effects of technological advancement on human society.

    Trust in the You of Now is performed by a live eight-member orchestra and two female opera singers. A narration is delivered by of-stage voices, which are incorporated within the score and modern dancers perform movement and pantomime to communicate the stage action. The story follows an epic battle between two robots to control the lives of a frog civilization over several millennia. The songs are presented in the undecipherable languages of the robots and frogs respectively and translated by astronaut onlookers.

    Each part of the three-part opera utilizes different mediums, shifting focus to reveal specific facets of the story. The first part, which is being presented by Theater for the New City and Ouroboros Co. for four performances this May, employs Giada Ferrone’s choreography to demonstrate the love affair of Willie Willie, a gifted frog, and Fictor, a popular sentient robot, whom encounter the rage of the killing drone robots that control their society.


    Astronaut Joe – Jay Painter
    Astronaut Jose – Pablo Narvaez
    Robot Fictor – Emily Wagner
    Robot Best Friend – Leslie J. Miller
    Drone Master – Ricky Wenthen
    Frog Willie Willie – Maya Lee-Parritz
    Frog Mother/Father – Justin Faircloth
    Frogs – Tyler DuBoys, Madeline Jafari
    Robots –Justin Faircloth, Garnet Henderson

    conducted by Robert Boston
    singer, Fictor -Alison Rose Wonderland
    singer, Willie Willie -Catherine Hancock
    singer, Frog Mother/Father – Maria Diaz
    piano – William Tatge
    trumpet – Carol Morgan
    reeds and accordion – Christof Knoche
    bass – Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic
    cello – Joanne Choi
    violin –Carolin Pook
    percussion – Wieland Möller

    lighting design by Tuce Yasak
    graphic design by Alfra Martini
    photography/cinematography by Miguel Drake-McLaughlin
    additional photography by KiKi Larson
    board programming and electrician – Tuce Yasak
    sound board operator – Mark Sanders
    follow spot operator – Sean Daniels
    house manager – Ana Milena Trujillo González

    Pablo Narvaez as Astronaut Jose. Photo by Miguel Drake-McLaughlin.

    Emily Wagner as Fictor, with Ricky Wenthen and Justin Faircloth. Photo by Miguel Drake-McLaughlin.

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